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Radically Increase Your Emotional Freedom.

Especially in your relationships
and within your own beautiful heart and mind.

Gain a sense of ease and peace, no matter what's happening in your life.

As you know, this world continues to change, more and more rapidly. But our minds are still wired to operate in the old world that we have evolved in, over many thousands of years.

This creates a big problem.

So much of the world we've always known,  just doesn't exist anymore.

And that makes things hard.
Our circumstances change.
Our relationships change.
Everything changes.

So we need new ways to respond to our new situations.

Life's short and getting shorter by the day.

You know that the years pass you by faster and faster the older we get, and then suddenly you're wondering where your wole life has gone?

What did you do with it?

You sure you don't wanna waste it overthinking, stressing out and sweating the small stuff.

Or even the big stuff!

Our own internal operating systems need constant updates just like our smart phones do. So we can experience more fun, freedom and fulfilment in our lives from this day on.

But it's not that straight forward.

We're all unique, so you may need some support to download the right, new updates for you, to install them in a strong way, so they last, and to continue scanning for new opportunities to maintain your peace of mind.

With some compassionate and empathetic guidance you can discover loads of simple tweaks you can take on board, if you choose, that can free your heart and mind of so many concerns and overwhelm, to bring you back to an easy-going state of peace and freedom.

When you have more free space in your mind, you get to process things more clearly and easily get yourself back on track to enjoying the things in life that really do matter.

How about a Voxer Day with me?

Relationships are the source of the highest of blissful highs and the deepest of gut wrenching pain.

A nice, easy-going Day of Voxer chat could actually be a game changer for you.

Click below to see why, and to see how it works...

William. Perth, WA

"Astonishing. Whatever the hell you do with your life, please don't stop the emotional positivity coaching. You're amazing and it bloody well works. Thank you!!"

A now happy Husband with three University degrees!

Did you see that? - He said, "Astonishing..."

Lisa Maree is an Emotional Freedom Coach.

As an introverted empath, her work is all about radically increasing your well being, as well as your relationships, no matter what else is happening in your life.

She's also a Humanistic Neurolinguistic Psychology Practitioner and The Founder of The Evolution Plan.

When it comes to relationships, the best part is? You can bypass the struggle of getting someone else to work on things with you, because even if they have no idea what you're up to, you can still level-up your relationships, all on your own.

Sometimes just a chat is enough to release an emotional block. Other times there's a need to go back in time and heal old emotional wounds.

Lisa Maree works with individuals in private sessions. She also does group coaching and runs a very affordable membership called — Insiders — and she has online courses available.

If you'd like some personal coaching or support from Lisa Maree, her "Voxer Day" chat program might be for you.

You can check that out here:

“Create space simply to “be” and clarity emerges for you to see.” — Gabriella Goddard

“Create space simply to “be” and clarity emerges for you to see.”

— Gabriella Goddard

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